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The Hippie (Sort Of) Home

Once upon a time in my dreamy and carefree youth (HA!), I worked at a summer camp called A.R.E. Camp. I had a blast, worked incredibly hard, and learned a lot about holistic/alternative living. I ate 90% vegan all summer, lived in open-air cabins, all but entirely removed sweets, processed foods, and caffeine from my diet, and learned the importance of limiting the amount of chemicals in the household.

Growing up, I lived a bit differently. I was raised using Clorox scrubs in the kitchen sink, bleach in the toilet, windex for windows and mirrors, and sanitizer wipes for the counters. We were never overzealous with cleaning supplies or the use of chemicals in our daily lives, but we were never skimpy with their use either. I remember every month, the kitchen would smell overwhelmingly of bleach when the kitchen sinks were soaking for stain guarding and germ-killing.

Now that I have my own home, I have been given the opportunity to decide what products to use to clean and I’ve been faced with a task that was far more daunting than I thought it was going to be. There are more types of dishwasher pods, dish soaps, surface cleaners, laundry detergents, and floor cleaners than Khaleesi has Dothraki. The products that I naturally gravitate toward are not necessarily the best products, but the products with the best advertising. So I did a bit of research to determine what would work best for my sort of hippie household.

I wanted to focus on products that had a strong homeopathic footprint. I have a dog at home, and I prefer not to have products around that could do her serious harm if she were to ingest a small amount of it. Not to mention, I cook on these counters. I don’t need to be worried that there’s too much ant killer on them.

My favorite solution is the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day brand.

I use almost exclusively Mrs. Meyer’s products. They produce handy dishwasher pods, counter wipes, multi-surface cleaner, laundry detergent, and more. I have used the lemon verbena, lavender, and honeysuckle scents and I love them. They are fresh, floral, and best of all, not overpowering. They pack a punch, scrub away any toothpaste grime, shower scum, toilet bowl yucks, and counter crusties that I could possibly wish for. It’s cruelty free, which means no little animals get harassed by scientists, and the products themselves are biodegradable.

I haven’t tried too many other “green” product lines, mostly because why mess with what works? While I’ve made a good start, I still have a lot of products to replace.

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