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Willow Wednesday: Koha Super Premium Dog Food

Happy Willow Wednesday!! Today I’m going to be reviewing Koha’s brand new canned dog food flavors! They came out recently (I don’t have an exact date) and my pet store just put them out on the floor.


First on the docket is the Lone Star Brisket flavor. This has a lot more gravy in it than I was expecting, putting it safely into the “soupy” category instead of a “stew” or “pate.” There were a fantastic amount of meat chunks in it and it smelled surprisingly good. Not gonna lie, I was tempted to eat it. However, with Willow drooling on my foot while I took all these glamour shots, I refrained.


There were a couple of reasons I picked this up. The first was that really nice white, bold headline on the bottom of the label. Grain and potato free. Fortunately, my girl doesn’t have any problems with eating grains or potatoes. I just don’t like to give them to her. With her behavior issues and skin issues early on, I try to minimize things in her diet that could cause inflammation or make her uncomfortable.

Second, these cans are single protein. With a fish allergy in the family, I have to be pretty careful with what I give her. A lot of foods mix proteins, which normally is a good thing. Mixed protein is actually healthier for dogs to incorporate several protein sources into their daily intake. In my case, Willow can only eat single-source proteins. With Koha, what you see on the front label is what you see in the ingredients list. There are no hidden fish meals or fish oils.

Third, isn’t the packaging so cute?! And it’s super colorful! Look!


And these are just the fish-free ones! There is one more with fish in it that I obviously didn’t buy. It’s got a green label and is called Pike Place Platter. I thought there were more, but the website only shows the one additional flavor.

Now on to business! The eating!


She sucked up the gravy real quick, so I’d say that’s a positive vote for the flavor and palate-ability. The chunks did slide around quite a lot, so I’d recommend a not-so-shallow bowl or somewhere that’s easy to clean up…


As illustrated by the towel covered in meat bits that slid off the plate.

Overall, I’m very excited to experiment with the other Koha flavors. Willow’s last experience with Merrick wet foods was not great, so it’ll be nice to have a solid wet food in my back pocket should the need ever arise.

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