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Willow Wednesday: What Did You Bring Into My House?!

As I briefly mentioned in my Mental Health Monday post, we got a new kitten! We have adopted a two-month-old orange shorthair named Maui. IMG_0490

He’s very sweet, very playful, and very curious. He likes to cuddle, attack my legs only, and wears a bell around his neck so we can find him. He likes to chase fingers, feet under blankets, feather balls, and pipe cleaners. He shows more interest in the boxes and strings we have lying around than the actual toys we have purchased for him. He has already learned how to turn the computer on and off and thinks the window sill is the absolute best place to hang out with a possible exception being underneath the dressers so he can grab us as we walk past.

Willow hates him. These are some of her thoughts.

“He’s got weird smells, he’s got weird sounds, he jingles when he walks past because Mom and Dad put a crazy weird bell on him. There’s all this random new stuff around the house that I don’t understand. Why would you ruin a perfectly good ball with feathers?! He drinks my water, he goes into my crate when I’m not there, and is just a menace! Mom should return him straight away!”

We are going on day 4 post adoption, and he’s settling in very well. He’s getting used to the crate and rotate situation that we are living in quickly (I think due to his time spent in the shelter on his own). He’s generally unbothered by Willow’s barking, and he’s enjoying his new food. He is learning his name and that the carrier is not the worst place to be, though the car noises sometimes startle him.

We are very excited about our new fur baby, and are still getting used to how things are going to be now, and as always I will continue to update you all here too!

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