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Transitions: I’m Going to Feed Raw

I have been feeding Willow kibble for three years. She came to me eating Science Diet (aka utter sh*t) and have since transitioned her to single-protein Acana (a LOT better, nutritionally), on which she has done well. I have dabbled a little bit in canned wet food, but honestly, Willow isn’t crazy for it. I think there are ingredients in it, or maybe it’s the gravy, that just doesn’t sit well with her. Wet food always, a l w a y s gives her unnecessary amounts of extremely odorous gas, the cans containing a higher nutritional value are usually obscenely expensive (the Koha I mentioned in this post sells for $2.79 per can from the pet store I go to) and as a 45 pound dog, one standard can is only about 1/6 of her daily value of nutrition. You can do the math, it’s not realistic for me to feed her wet all the time.

But lately, I haven’t been satisfied with her food anymore. It’s not necessarily the Acana, which in the game of dry food is a very high contender. Maybe it’s partially that I can never find a wet food that I feel drives Willow bananas. Don’t get me wrong, she really liked the Koha. But that’s also really liking a category of food that has never really made her lose her mind (this girl has gone utter bananas over a piece of bacon that I dropped on the floor and a bag of cheetos she found when I was showering). Maybe it’s also partially just how expensive Acana is (I pay between $70 and $75 per 25lb bag for her dry food) in addition to her normal supplements and treats (goat’s milk as a probiotic, dental treats and marrow bones for her teeth, and then her normal treats for training).

Maybe it was adopting Maui and learning more about feline nutrition and realizing that while I was doing what I thought was right and best by feeding kibble to both of my babies, perhaps I wasn’t. But what is life but learning from one’s mistakes?

Or maybe, it’s just me learning more about the difference between kibble, freeze dried, dehydrated, frozen raw, and just plain raw food. I’ve been going through a bit of a boot camp with regards to different types of food, different requirements for canine and feline nutrition and how kibble just doesn’t meet those requirements.

So, I have decided to change how and what I feed. Which is unfortunate after purchasing a bunch of new foods for Maui. BUT I DIGRESS.

I will be talking about the different steps I’m going to take to transition from kibble to, ultimately, some form of raw feeding. I will be making some stops at freeze dried, testing some dehydrated food, and sampling different types of raw that are on the market, breaking down the prices and their ease of use.

If there’s anything specifically you would like me to try out or if you think there’s something that I definitely should try, please let me know!

Disclaimer 1: Before telling me that it’s unhealthy to be switching between different foods all the time, it’s important for everyone (animals and humans) to have a varied diet to get all the nutrients that they might not be exposed to if they were only eating the same thing every single day. Also bear in mind, this is not going to be something that I’m doing every single day. They will be staying on a single type of food for, potentially, months. So this series is going to be a slow burn.

Disclaimer 2: While I would absolutely LOVE your opinions, bear in mind that I will also be doing research on any brand/company/food that is recommended to me extensively before even considering feeding it to Maui or Willow. I am not going to irresponsibly feed my animals any random food that someone online tells me to feed (no offense).

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