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Mental Health Monday: You Gotta Love Yourself

It’s really easy to get down on yourself sometimes. Especially if you become complacent in your life and let certain things get out of control. Then those thoughts of “I should have known better,” “Why did I do this to myself,” and “What is wrong with me that I didn’t stop this sooner?” start to swirl around your head. The hopelessness of the situation presses down on your heart and makes you say and do stupid things like lash out at the people who care about you and are trying to help you. In these moments, it’s the easiest to let depression and self-destruction be the primary forces in your life.

It’s extremely important when these thoughts are bombarding you to reach out to those people who make you feel good. Who’s that person that always makes you laugh? Who’s that person who always makes you feel like you can do anything? Who’s that person who doesn’t need to know a single detail about your situation, but will hug you and love on you and make you feel like everything will eventually be okay? Find them and bring them into your bubble. It might be uncomfortable, it might be scary, but it’s really important. It will feel so effortless to just sit in that darkness and wait for it to dissipate, but it’s essential for you to try to build a ladder and climb out of it.

This week has been rough for me for no reason other than life happens. I wasn’t on top of some of my responsibilities and it’s all piling up in an overwhelming heap. But I am extremely lucky to have a few people in my life who will always help me out of the darkness. They are always there with a funny story, kind words, or a virtual hug, no matter where we are. I am so blessed and lucky, and these are the moments that I realize just how true that is.

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